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) Very well organized scam with a well-established brand to cover it.The above findings have been thoroughly documented, and the documentation is now being used in support of a lawsuit by the legal representation of three members, one of which is the author of the above review.I asked them to clarify and they refused to tell me why they terminated my account.In the meantime, I had spent hundreds of hours cultivating relationships on the site, only to have all of those conversations become inaccessible to me as I can't log on to the site. I would not recommend anybody using this site, as you could be wasting a LOT of time and money, should they arbitrarily decide to pull the rug out from under you for no reason.The only step it recommends is to email the corporate office - but the corporate office refuses to respond to emails altogether.Curiously, though, this scamming practice includes the invitation of user to open up another, brand new account, effectively paying again for the already-purchased service.([email protected]: Please let me know if you would like to proceed with this theft of my funds. [email protected]: You should reconsider who you work for, Wendy. Wendy F.: You will still be able to utilize the subscriber-only features until the end date of your current subscription on 01/23/2018. If there's nothing I am able to assist you with, I'll sign off now but if you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ page. I paid for a year and, after 1 month, I get a message saying my account has been terminated. They referred me to their "Terms of Use", which is voluminous and complicated.Wendy F.: I'm really glad I could assist you today. I read it anyway and didn't see anything I did to violate any of their terms.

This also protects you from rate increases by locking in your rate for as long as you keep your subscription current. Wendy F.: While we are unable to process a full refund, I can provide you with a partial [email protected]: What was the full term amount charged? Wendy F.: It doesn't appear that the automatic renewal was ever turned off, so thats why your subscription renewed. Wendy F.: The refund would be in the amount of .01, which represents the difference in price after converting your subscription to the one month package. This is because you initially purchased a package subscription, which includes three of our Premium Services at a discounted price. Wendy F.: Unfortunately, the system only allows us to issue a refund for .01. Wendy F.: We can only process a partial refund on your account. Also be assured that I will let others single people know about this. Wendy F.: Per your request, I have issued a refund in the amount of .01, and it was processed immediately.Wendy F.: Please let us know if you would like to proceed with the partial refund. Keeping my will end up costing your company more than that in fewer future subscriptions and bad publicity. It was successfully processed on my end, but may take 3-5 business days for your financial institution to receive.sent me on dates with serial-dating women that were only interested in a free meal... they sent me on a date with a catholic school teacher that was only interested in my finances and worth...I have been on several dates from match and they are not the "miracle" dating service that they portray themselves to be.

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I canceled my subscription but they somehow re-activated it and charged me for 3 months - they make it almost impossible to cancel, you have to click on a link and then it asks for your password - then it doesn't let you in. BUT I had heard from others disasters that I had to turn off auto-renew as to not get charged without my approval first. I STILL got charged $130 even though I went on the site and officially cancelled the whole account THE SAME DAY!

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